Hoops Prospects Consulting

Hoops Prospects’ Consulting Services are More Important & Prudent than Ever

July 17, 2024 Zach Wilhelm 0

In the ever-changing basketball world, scouting and roster management is more important than ever.  At the same time, many colleges and professional teams cannot afford a full-time staff to dedicate to these growing challenges.  Since 2020, Hoops Prospects (HP) has been offering catered analysis and advice on a case-by-case to both college and international teams.

Hoops Prospects Podcast

HPP Talks with Tomorrow’s Hoops Stars

July 16, 2024 Zach Wilhelm 0

Season Four of the Hoops Prospects Podcast Premieres on July 24 — When Richard Harris came up with the idea of creating HoopsProspects.com during the summer of 2017, he had no idea that he’d be regularly interviewing top pro prospects from around the world, such as lottery picks Jalen Williams (Thunder) and Deni Avdija (Trail Blazers).

Isaiah Collier

Grading the 2024 NBA Draft

July 8, 2024 Richard C. Harris 0

With a medical situation mostly behind me, the crew and I were able to resume the Hoops Prospects Podcast (HPP) last week.  The topic of the show was grading each team’s draft performance.  The factors considered were the overall talent accumulated, the fit of the acquired talent, the value obtained [ . . . ]

Alex Sarr earned the top spot in Hoops Prospects' 2024 Composite Rankings, despite receiving just two of ten first-place votes.

2024 NBA Draft Composite Rankings

June 26, 2024 Richard C. Harris 0

The top draft sites have finalized their draft boards for for 2024 NBA Draft, and for the fifth consecutive year, Hoops Prospects has combined most of the major draft sites to gain a consensus understanding of the value of the current prospects. This is to help evaluate where each player [ . . . ]

2024 NBA Playoff Preview

NBA Playoff Preview & Predictions

April 19, 2024 Richard C. Harris 0

This week, the Hoops Prospects Podcast (HPP) switches gears, as Cam Reihl, Doc Louallen, and Rich Harris preview the 2024 NBA Playoffs with injury updates, analysis, and predictions. The guys also take a look at the teams that over- and underachieved during the regular season, and they discuss whether Zion [ . . . ]

Cam Spencer

2024 NCAA Tournament Preview, Predictions & more

March 21, 2024 Cliff Dixon 0

As the 2024 NCAA Tournament unfolds, remember that each team, laden with its own tales of triumphs and tribulations, seeks the ultimate glory. Connecticut may seem like destiny’s chosen, but in a competition brimming with heart, hustle, and sheer unpredictability, anything can transpire. We bear witness to a cavalcade of [ . . . ]

Will the Lakers move D’Angelo Russell for someone such as DeMar DeRozan?

“Who Says No?” — Possible NBA Trades at the Deadline

February 6, 2024 Cam Riehl 0

The time leading up to the NBA’s trade deadline has always been a media circus. However, the era of social media has only added more confusion and wild speculation to the process. We spend more time reacting to photoshopped jersey swaps than discussing the merits of possible trades. Oftentimes, we [ . . . ]