NBA Playoff Preview & Predictions

2024 NBA Playoff Preview
Hoops Prospects 2024 NBA Playoff Preview

This week, the Hoops Prospects Podcast (HPP) switches gears, as Cam Reihl, Doc Louallen, and Rich Harris preview the 2024 NBA Playoffs with injury updates, analysis, and predictions. The guys also take a look at the teams that over- and underachieved during the regular season, and they discuss whether Zion will ever live up to expectations and if the Golden State Dynasty has ended.


  1.  NBA Notebook (2:31)
  • Fearless Forecast Debrief – Over/Underachievers
  • The Zion Williamson Experience
  • Is the Warriors era over?
  • Key Playoff Injuries
  1. NBA Playoff Predictions (50:31)
  • Eastern Conference
  • Western Conference
  • NBA Champion

HP NBA Playoff Predictions

The chart below is the NBA Playoff bracket predictions of Cam, Rich, and Doc plus fellow co-hosts Caleb Slaton, and Pete Howarth.  The far right column is the group consensus.

Celtics (1) vs. 8 SeedCeltics (5)Celtics (4)Celtics (6)Celtics (6)Celtics (5)Celtics (5)
Cavs (4) vs. Magic (5)Magic (7)Cavs (7)Cavs (6)Magic (6)Magic (6)Magic (6)
Knicks (2) vs. 76ers (7) Knicks (6)76ers (7)76ers (7) Knicks (7)Knicks (7)Knicks (7)
Bucks (3) vs. Pacers (6)Pacers (7)Pacers (6)Bucks (7)Pacers (6) Pacers (6)Pacers (6)
OKC (1) vs. 8 SeedOKC (5)OKC (7)OKC (6)OKC (6)OKC (6)OKC (6)
Clippers (4) vs. Mavs (5)Mavs (7)Mavs (7)Clippers (7)Mavs (5)Mavs (7)Mavs (7)
Nuggets (2) vs. Lakers (7)Nuggets (5)Nuggets (5)Nuggets (7)Nuggets (6)Nuggets (5)Nuggets (5)
Timberwolves (3) vs. Suns (6)Wolves (6)Wolves (7)Suns (6)Wolves (7)Wolves (6)Wolves (7)
Eastern Semifinals 1Celtics (6)Celtics (5)Celtics (5)Celtics (6)Celtics (6)Celtics (6)
Eastern Semifinals 2Knicks (5)Pacers (7)Bucks (7)Knicks (6)Knicks (5)Knicks (5)
Western Semifinals 1Mavs (7)OKC (7)LAC (6)Mavs (7)Mavs (6)Mavs (7)
Western Semifinals 2Nuggets (6)Nuggets (6)Nuggets (7)Nuggets (5)Nuggets (7)Nuggets (6)
Eastern FinalsCeltics (5)Celtics (5)Celtics (6)Celtics (7)Celtics (7)Celtics (6)
Western FinalsNuggets (5)Nuggets (6)LAC (7)Nuggets (6)Nuggets (6)Nuggets (6)
NBA ChampionNuggets (6)Nuggets (7)Celtics (7)Nuggets (7)Celtics (7)Nuggets (7)
Finals Runner-UpCelticsCelticsClippersCelticsNuggetsCeltics


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